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Idiot: yuppie customer

At work last Friday. I emerge from the back room to find a middle-aged white male customer standing at the counter. He is holding a tall (that is, small) cup of coffee with the lid removed. Seeing me, he says, "Excuse me? Could you fill this up? I'm used to getting more coffee than this." (There is about a one-inch gap between the top of the coffee and the top of the cup.) Feeling fairly benign that day, I say only, "Sure." I take the cup and fill it with coffee to the brim. I give it back with a slightly resigned, "Have a nice day." The man then proceeds to the condiment bar with his completely filled cup of coffee. I decide at this point to observe and see what this customer does next. He proceeds to pour out, into the trash can (where any poured liquid will ooze and leak through the trash bag, creating deliciously aromatic and drippy garbage juice---an absolute joy to clean up!), exactly one inch of coffee. He tops the coffee cup off with cream, adds a raw sugar, stirs, replaces the cup lid and walks out the door.

Idiot Factor: 9 and 1/2

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