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idiots: mci customer service

i submitted the following web request:

Our phone line has gone totally insane. It seems that we have BellSouth local service and MCI local service on the same line. When I try dialing an operator, I get both MCI and BellSouth recorded message simultaneously. If I call a number, when someone on the remote end picks up, there is still a ringing tone as well. If someone calls here and I answer, there is also a dialtone along with them, and I can even dial out on it (while the other person is still on the phone with me!!). PLEASE HELP!

and i got the following response:

Thank you for contacting MCI ® e-Customer Service.

I have received your email regarding the trouble you are having with
your phone line. I have researched your concern and found that this
type of issue is
handled by our local repair department. You can reach them at
1-888-MCI-LOCAL (1-888-624-5622). Representatives are available to
take your call 7:00 am - 12:00 am ET, Monday - Saturday.

MCI is committed to ensuring you make the most of your service. If
you have any additional questions or concerns, please visit Online
Account Manager at


e-Customer Service

OHH she researched it before jerking me off!! how the fuck am i supposed to call them? the very reason i used the web form was that i CAN'T call them. and if i have further concerns i should submit another request via the website?? wtf.

idiot factor: 8+ (the + means currently rising)

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